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Step 10: Post Settlement Activities

Post the settlement of the property, it is standard practice to present both the vendor/s and purchaser/s with a gift.  As a guide, $50 is a reasonable amount to spend on each gift.  Branded gifts and cards are available to be ordered through Office Support.  These can be pre-ordered in bulk to save on postage and to ensure you have the items available at short notice.

Your purchaser is now you new prospect and their status should be amended in VaultRE to ensure they get your regular newsletters and other communication.  They will hopefully be your vendor the day they decide to sell the property, so keep in contact and keep building the relationship. 

If the vendor has bought in your area, do the same with them, but even if they have moved elsewhere, still keep them on your Christmas/Holiday card list as they know people who live in your area and might recommend you to friends.

Post Settlement Resources

  • Vendor and Purchaser gifts can be ordered through Office Support and will be invoiced to the salesperson
  • Thank you cards can be ordered through Office Support and will be invoiced to the salesperson
  • Please ensure all orders are placed at least 2 weeks prior to when you want to deliver the gifts to ensure enough time for the package post to arrive.

Summary Steps

  • Deliver gift
  • Update your VaultRE database with new details of purchaser and vendor